Sexy SDCC 2019!

We are at SDCC again! We started our journey with SDCC since 2012, and never missed it ever since. Last SDCC, we launched our original series Nu Way, held a panel with Aspen Comics. This year, we are meeting even more friends, old and new!

SDCC 50 year anniversary special , art by Jim Lee
Super! Art by Kim Jung Gi! Our very good old friend! This is the last piece he did at SDCC this year. With nobody waiting in line, Kim was able to spent his extra energy and all his passion onto this piece! Thrilled by all the details!
Mike Mayhew Original art!
We got gift for Dustin Nguyen! Chinese edition of Batman: Li’l Gotham! One of our team members did the translation!
Katsuya Terada!When Nu Way meets Saiyukiden Daienou (Monkey King) 

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