Explore the world of Nu Way with the writer!

Nu Way is the very first original series presented by ZMX Entertainment LLC, published by Aspen Comics. This is a new Sci-Fi-action-adventure series about love, faith, humanity. Creators feature J.T. Krul, Dinna Wu and Yuyan Song, art by Alex Konat. The first issue launched in July 2018. Nu Way series held a huge panel at 2018 SDCC along with many other awesome titles from Aspen comics. Below is the interview with the writer of Nu Way, J.T. Krul.

Why Nu Way?

What is the most excited element of Nu Way? 

I am a huge fan of dystopian worlds, and in talking with Dinna, it was clear that we had a similar affection for how such science fiction stories can teach us a lot about ourselves. And, that’s what NUWAY is about: about humanity and our struggle maintain a connection to it in a world stuffed with technology. 

First and foremost, I love world building, […but] the characters of Zihao and Cassi jumped right out at me. Something about these two people from the same poor background, who find each other again after their own trials and tribulations to get where they are. It’s about how our experiences, the decisions we make define and shape who we become. It’s about trying to maintain that inner-compass in the face of incredible adversity. That aspect has been very rewarding to explore.

Which path will you choose if you were Zihao?

It’s a pretty dangerous and cold world in NUWAY. If I were Zihao, I probably wouldn’t have made it past my 15th birthday.

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