World of Nu Way is rising!

Nu Way is the very first original series presented by ZMX Entertainment LLC, published by Aspen Comics. This is a new Sci-Fi-action-adventure series about love, faith, humanity. Creators feature J.T. Krul, Dinna Wu and Yuyan Song, art by Alex Konat. The first issue launched in July 2018. Nu Way series held a huge panel at 2018 SDCC along with many other awesome titles from Aspen comics.

Nu Way, a young fighter in a (sing along, you know the words) dystopian future decides to trade some of his organs — and struggles to hold onto his sense of self in the aftermath. Nu Way offers a clearer tonal and narrative sense of what to expect from the full series.” – by Glen Weldon from NPR

Nu Way is a futuristic tale about people trying to maintain their humanity in a world dominated by technology. The story centers on two lonely souls with a past connection trying to fight their way out of the slums and into a better life. Zihao is doing it literally, as an emerging contender in the arena, but he’s gone about as far as his body can take him. Now, it’s time to take the big step. By getting cybernetic upgrades, he’ll finally be able to compete on the big stage… Cassi has used her body in other ways, using technology to perfect herself in every way. She’s clawed her way up in the world of elites and has the penthouse to show for it, but is her ivory tower a palace or a prison,  she can only figure it out when it is already too late.Nu Way story got a certain street level vibe, like Daredevil, but no superheroes. 

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