ZMX Entertainment LLC is a content provider, business including but not limited to creating and publishing, distribution and IP related licensing. Close relationship with artists, creators and publishers, we are by all means delivering amazingly interesting and unique products of entertainment to readers, audience and players all over the world. Our very first original Sci-Fi-action-adventure comic series, Nu Way launched in July 2018, published by Aspen comics. Creators feature J.T. Krul, Dinna Wu and Yuyan Song, art by Alex Konat. In July 2018, Nu Way series held a huge panel at 2018 SDCC along with many other awesome titles from Aspen comics. Later in October at Shanghai, Nu Way series held a fans meet-up panel with special guests of creator Dinna Wu and writer J.K Krul. With the fifth issues published in Jan 2019, the first volume of Nu Way story is ending full of drama and surprise.

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Sexy SDCC 2019!

We are at SDCC again! We started our journey with SDCC since 2012, and never missed it ever since. Last SDCC, we launched our original series Nu Way, held a panel with Aspen Comics. This year, we are meeting even more friends, old and new!

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